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What We Learned at #WWIM14 : Selfies, Gramming, Hashtag Awareness

CultureMy Cosprings
What We Learned at #WWIM14 : Selfies, Gramming, Hashtag Awareness
 (photo by  @lina.bean )

(photo by @lina.bean)

Let's be honest. Meeting up with a bunch of random people you have never met can be intimidating. Then add on the fact you will be the subject of their photos and that's another level of "uh-uh, nope, didn't your mama teach you not to talk to strangers?" Nonetheless, we ignored some of those social anxieties and decided to host a World Wide Instameet anyway. We partnered up with two other Colorado Instagram Communities and hosted a state-wide meet.. A group of about 25 people showed up representing Colorado Springs, Denver, Greeley, Estes Park and they taught us a few fun and simple Instagram tricks we had to share:

What’s an Instameet?

An InstaMeet is a group of Instagrammers meeting up to take photos and videos together. That’s it!


Rule #1 - Determine the proper ratio. Our grammers could not decide between an acceptable selfie:post ratio of either 1 selfie to every 5th post or 1 selfie to every 20th post. Although, we did conclude that if your Instagram feed contains more selfies than other photo genres then you are most likely in need of a hug.
The trick to taking selfies is obvi good natural lighting, using unique angles, and upping that contrast, but we learned another trick worth mentioning: Whenever you take a selfie, make sure to thank someone/something to appear less self-absorbed. Ie. "Thanks Colorado for a beautiful day!"
Rule #2 - Ignore Nike. Just don't do it.

Chillin' Out, Grammin', Relaxin' All Cool-Like

So you have some awesome photos, but you want to learn more about improving the look of your Instagram feed. Consider some of these tips next time you post:

  • Start with the big picture. To create a consistent feed, think about how your Instagram looks as a whole, rather than each individual image. Your images should maintain a consistent element or theme.
  • What's next. When you go to post an image, think about how it will look next to your previous post and what post will follow it.
  • Mix it up. Offer an interesting perspective by varying your photos between close-ups, wide-angle locations, and using different angles. Remember that white backgrounds and negative space offer breathing room in your feed.
  • Enjoy it. All your Instagram feed to be a creative outlet for you. Don't let it take over your identity and turn you into a digital recluse.

# # #

What was once the pound sign is now a prominent part of our social media community. Using a hashtag is the easiest way to categorize your content and discover others' content as well. The general rule of thumb is to not use more hashtags than words. Select a few ( preferably #my_cosprings as one *winky face) that give meaning and help define the message of your post. Some of our favorite hashtags to explore are #coloradoinstagram #welltravelled and #liveauthentic . You can find more photos and Instameet ideas by checking out #ColoradoInstameet and #WWIM14 .

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