Finding Quiet Corners: STIR Coffee

On a rounded corner where the road “T”s out, a tiny building with one glass side fills with coffee steam and still light in the first hours of the day. Sabrina straightens cushions on the colored metal chairs and lays pastries in bell jars that will empty before her shop closes at two. 

STIR is a neighborhood coffeehouse with a soft-spoken, clear-eyed owner whose space emulates the same spirit of gentility and clarity, making room for quiet moments in the hustle of a growing town. Pie is always on the menu and dried tea leaves crowd the front counter, disclosing the shop’s secret. STIR isn’t a fancy espresso bar or a trendy third-wave coffee shop, though it serves both of espresso and coffee.

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STIR is more like a morning in a farm kitchen. 

Wholesome things are treasured here. Honey and milk, pianos and potted plants, loving conversations and purposeful work. It’s a place that feels “neighborhood”. A place tucked away with a park and grocery, a place to embrace slow even just for a morning. 

Find STIR at the corner of Jackson and Wahsatch in downtown Colorado Springs and enjoy pie and a place to slow down all week long from 8am-2pm. Visit them online at, on Facebook, or Instagram @stircoffeeshop.

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