Learning to Celebrate: Why We Run MyCo

Have you ever tried to be a tourist in your own town? Gone places you’ve never been? Looked at your neighborhood with new eyes? Been observant and perceptive - exploring deeply and expansively.

Colorado Springs has been my home for many years. It’s grown a lot and it’s changed a lot. There are places with new life and places with rich history.

 Photo by @samroweyourboat

Photo by @samroweyourboat

But we live in a big enough town that each one of us can’t have seen it all. So how do we know what is the best The Springs has to offer? How do we know who is shaping, serving, and loving our city well?

We call on each other. Old-fashion word-of-mouth recommendations.

People talk about what they love. And many of us are passionate about the beautiful and lively mountain-scape we live in. We’re passionate about rock climbing and coffee, off-roading and art-walking. Mostly, we’re passionate about exploring.

Our mission here with My Colorado Springs is to facilitate that neighbor-to-neighbor recommendation. We are a platform that listens to you and shares what has been tested by Colorado Springs real-residents.

More than this, what we really want to do alongside you is not just measure our city, but celebrate it.

So in addition to recommendations, you can look forward to spotlight interviews of city personalities, snippets of local history, editorials on what it means to be a neighbor, giveaways, how-to’s, city love letters, storytelling, and more.

We are getting ready to release some of the ways that you can participate and we are waaaaay excited about them! We’re so thankful to live in this outstanding city and be embracing it all with you guys.

Keep touring your state and loving your city!

Your neighbor,


Do you have ideas about how we can celebrate the best of Colorado Springs? Share with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

My Colorado Springs is a local guide to celebrate, explore, and help you discover the treasures of our city.