What Season Is It? - Springtime in the Rockies

“Spring is the new winter,” I always tell people when they ask about the otherworldly weather we get here in the Front Range, March-May. 

“You don’t really know Colorado until you’ve seen an Easter-egg hunt in feet of snow.”

Whether you’re ready for it or you’re not, the season of frenzied and animated sun, snow, wind, hail, rain, thunder, or somehow all of them at once...has arrived. 

 Photo captured by @alx_ilz

Photo captured by @alx_ilz

As it gets close to daylight savings, we know you’re ready for stretched days and fresh grass and warm evening runs and ice cream dates. 

Good news? They’re within your reach! Some weekends look exactly like this and you can take the top off the jeep and remind your arms what sun feels like.

Others? Snow out the nose. The good news here? You live in a state that - gorgeous as it is - looks even better in the snow! Take that drive anyway! Just keep the top on.

Your fellow Coloradans aren’t strangers to the cold and wild weather, and are happy to warm up or cozy up in all kinds of ways if the weather is too bad for venturing into the mountains. 

Full of community in all shapes, Colorado Springs offers active classes like indoor rock climbing, barre, spin, and yoga for those movers with spring-fever. 

Likewise, community is found all over town in low-lit coffeehouses and pubs with music, performance theaters, or pottery classes for those who want to enjoy art in the closeness winter weather brings. 

Remember, one of the joys of living at the base of the Rockies is that we get to observe the raw power of nature up close. Embrace it, admire it, marvel at it.

(Please be safe in it!) 

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