Colorado Springs: Home of the Olympic Training Center

When your friends or family come to visit Colorado Springs, how many of you take them to see the Olympic Training Center? (Delaney raises hand.) 

 Image by @hollyraeeee

Image by @hollyraeeee

We all know that living over a mile above the ocean makes The Springs an ideal place to develop your BA-ness. The thin air that makes your lungs burn and endless days of sunshine to keep you accountable to those outdoor workouts attract athletes of all kinds to come and train in our friendly, energetic, welcoming city in the high plains. 

Having the Olympic Training Center here draws excitement for many. World-class athletes wiz down the roads in red, white, and blue, frequent your favorite coffee shop to grab iced tea after a workout, visit schools and inspire our kids, sometimes they even hold parades and give us a reason to party in the streets of downtown. 

It’s one of the best tools for creating visibility around health and the active culture has helped develop deeper values of stewardship and growth in our city. It’s inspired new businesses and trail repairs. It’s one of the many aspects of Colorado Springs that has built identity into our city. (And really, the bragging rights are just pretty cool.)

If you’re ever interested in engaging more with Olympic and Paralympic athletes in our city, you can find out more by going to and finding “Training Centers” under the “About” tab!

Enjoy your weekend COS, and go U.S.A. for PeyongChang 2018!

Your neighbor,


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