Crescent Shadows: Solar Eclipse 2017

image by @christopherwoolley

We had 93% coverage from this side of the mountains. There was excitement in the grocery, at the bank, the office, and all over social media. But the sights seen and the photos shared after, more than lived up to the hype. 

What a strange and mystical thing to observe. The giants in the sky passing by in a moment, leaving the earth in dim eerie light, covered in half-moon shadows. 

Small silver crescents littered every lawn and street corner canopied by trees. Kitchen walls shone with their shifting cut-outs. School courtyards and public parks were teeming with the glitter. 

Nature, just doing its thing, and yet, the ordinary seemed extraordinary, like seeing through tinted windows, watching a kaleidoscope of butterflies descend in film negative.

We were so glad to share that experience with you all. Until 2024! 

Your neighbor,


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