Flying High: Air Force Academy Graduation

Photo from @af_academy

Tis the season for caps and gowns. Stages and commencement speakers abound. But of all the graduations happening in town, there’s one that Colorado Springs looks forward to the most. 

Next Wednesday the Air Force Academy class of 2017 will graduate from cadet status and become airmen. After four years of training and learning, these young men and women will join this small, but elite group of AFA grads. 

The first class to graduate from the Air Force Academy walked not even 60 years ago.

It’s pretty young as far as military academies go. Even still, it has shaped the culture and activity of our city in its short existence. It’s brought national history and engagement to our doorstep. Innovative architecture and engineering, excitement of planes and athletics. As the “hometown team” of Colorado Springs, Air Force football is a long-standing tradition for many Springs families. 

While usually the graduation ceremony takes place June 1st, this year it will happen on May 24th. If you, like many, live to see the Thunderbirds flyover, make sure to mark your calendars and head outside on the north side of town.

As one of the oldest flying aerobatic teams, the daring dives and reeling rolls of the Thunderbird routine leave you breathless.

You don’t want to miss this fantastic airshow! 

From My Colorado Springs, congratulations Air Force Academy class of 2017! And to all graduates in our city! 

Remember, as families begin to arrive this weekend, be prepared for an influx of traffic. 

Your neighbor,


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