Secret Spaces: Brooklyn's on Boulder

Are you supposed to talk about city secrets?

I don’t know, but I do know that I can’t think of many things more fun than a modern speak-easy. And in case they’ve been doing their job too well staying on the DL, we’re here to tell you that Colorado Springs has one of its very own. 

Sporting ties in their little glass cubby on Boulder street, Brooklyn’s is easy to miss. But get behind the black curtain, and an elegant semi-era inspired air waits for you. 

All drinks are created with local-made Lee’s Spirits gin. All your old favorites and plenty of new experiments as well. From toddies to martinis, there’s something for everyone even if you’re not traditionally a fan of gin. 

 Be attentive to the house rules and discreet in your coming and going, respecting the tradition of the speak-easy. But most importantly, come prepared to settle into a cozy venue and enjoy good company in the lowlight of a unique setting.  

Check out Brooklyn’s on Boulder on the north side of Boulder street between Tejon and Nevada.

Your neighbor,


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