Spotlight on Swift Fix Bike Shop

Spring is finally here and Colorado Springs has begun to bloom with our favorite local hobby: CYCLING.

There are over 7460 bike trails in Colorado Springs and plenty of club rides to join in on.

We sat down with Gregory of Swift Fix Mobile Bike Shop to talk about the growing interest in the sport and how his business has made a convenient solution to cyclist's needs.

 Gregory Smith - Owner of Swift Fix Mobile Bike Shope

Gregory Smith - Owner of Swift Fix Mobile Bike Shope

Tell us about Swift Fix. In your words, what is it and what does it have to offer Colorado Springs?

Swift Fix is a bike shop like a food truck is a restaurant. We sell bikes and we do repair work on all types of bicycles from your child's bike to your carbon race bike.  We are mobile, and that gives us more agility to go where our customers want us to - whether it’s fixing your bike at your house or doing a repair day at your office for you and your coworkers. Our business values convenience. Most of our repairs are done within an hour, compared to dropping your bike off and waiting days to get your bike back from a traditional shop.

Where did the idea come from?

In 2010, I was in college. It was a small town and there were no positions open for a bike mechanic. I needed some money so I setup a company and started doing bike repair work out of an old Volvo wagon. Once I moved, I worked in bike shops and gained the experience I felt I needed before I went off and fully invested myself into the idea.

Do you participate in the bike community in Colorado Springs? If so, with who?

We are working with a few Cycling groups to be there before the ride and give free bike checks and gear adjustments. We also work with all types of youth groups and give bike Maintenance & Safety classes where we make sure they are working properly.

What are some of your favorite  biking trails?

I live right by Palmer Park and that has become my second home on busy days. But nothing beats biking through Red Rock Canyon open space and looking down at the Springs from the mountain!

What are your hopes for the future of biking in Colorado Springs?

The Springs already has a great footprint for being cycling friendly and providing great city parks with trails and bike paths for us to use. I hope in the future more citizens will use the resources we have and contribute to clean air, healthy living and just know the joy of riding a bike.

 Inside look into Swift Fix Mobile Bike Shop

Inside look into Swift Fix Mobile Bike Shop

Do you have a shop? Where is it?

Our van is the primary shop. We cover all of Monument to Fountain, The van has over 1000 parts and accessories stocked from tires, tubes, pumps, chains and a lot of other random things most items you would want from a bike shop.

 Do you have any events or promotions planned soon that we should be on the lookout for?

We have a few for this month. We will be at  Cos Outdoor Sports & Rec Expo at Plaza of the Rockies on April 13th,  We are doing free used bike check up’s at the CS Bike Swap at SoccerHaus on April 22 We are also running a 55.00 Tune Up sale now Till the end of May. Come check us out!

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