The World’s Food, Local: Urban Steam

Photo by @this.little.wandering

On a neighborhood corner west of downtown (where the views of the Peak are still great and the parking is better) is an urban cafe decorated with flat concrete and welders masks. Urban Steam Bar and Cafe is an industrial style space with cheeky posters hailing from 1940’s and the cultural diversity of a well-traveled cook.

Owner Kelly grew up traveling with his military family and continued this lifestyle into adulthood. Placing high value on making food and drink true to its origin, all of the menu items are authentic in recipe, ingredients, portion, and flavor. 

“Consistency in the drink is what we strive for. A cappuccino at Urban Steam should taste like one you’d get in Milan. A hildago should taste like one you’d get in Cuba. A Turkish coffee like what you’d get there or in Morocco.” 

Presentation is high on their list, too. Known for their artisan waffles, it’s a hot breakfast place in the city, serving until 1pm. 

And breakfast isn’t all they do. With a variety of lunch and dinner items to match the cultural diversity of the coffee, the decision to open the place late has been a good fit for Urban Steam. Taco Tuesdays are one of the biggest sells, along with Whisky Sour Wednesdays. 

Something to look for is the opening of their new tasting room next week! We heard a rumor it would be painted and decorated with a little more pizazz, but in the same “blue collar” style as the open cafe.

So if you’re looking for a cultural experience or want to remember a trip you took, check out Urban Steam’s exciting menu and enjoy the outdoor patio this summer.

Find Urban Steam on Sierra Madre street just south of Cimarron or online at 

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